Artist promo at my Society6 store again! This means free shipping on all of my stuff except for framed art prints, stretched canvases and rugs!

I have some new items this time, particularly the “Movember” edition of the CATWS floral crowns- in a reversed sort of way- so Sam here’s clean-shaven. My friends wanted this on a tote so here it is. Also recently available are Miss Marvel and capped!EvanStan as ipod/iphone cases/skins, in addition to cards and prints!

Please use this link, and make sure you don’t get charged for shipping if you do check out anything!

Thanks for the support! I’m actually heading to the US next month so if you do get anything this round, thank you so much because I’ll be using this income while I’m there.

vitarays asked: sam and nat!! 6 :')))) also good morning


sarah rogers had the patience of a saint, and loved her troublemakers very much.

roboclaws replied to your post: art collab with  buckybuns​!…


are you proud of us, ma 

art collab with  buckybuns​!  she drew steve, i drew bucky.

THIS REQUIRES AN EXPLANATION, BUT I DON’T THINK WE HAVE ONE.  (mae requested bucky playing ping pong.  panties were discussed?  and then.)


ridiculr asked: what's ur favorite kind of bae

the bae with the power


i wrote offtide a eulogy.

/clap emoji /tears emoji

Anonymous asked: how are you drawing eyes? like expressive eyes?

IIII…. can’t explain things very well, but, um!image

Eyebrows are a huge part of what makes the eyes expressive!  See also: eye width / size of pupils / shadows and lighting / lines around the eyes.  They help emphasize particular expressions as well.

Anonymous asked: EXCUSE ME WHAT DOES UR BLOG TITLE MEAN???????????????

this is not my beautiful plate

these are not my beautiful chicken taquitos

Anonymous asked: what is your twitter username?